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“Our baby had terrible silent reflux and was waking with pains. I was struggling with no sleep & a toddler to look after! Anna helped us sort out our babies reflux and get her sleeping 12 hour nights. She is a life saver!”


Carlingford, NSW

“I was struggling and SleepBaker was my saving grace! They are professional, fantastic with babies & kids, have extensive knowledge and are super nice - worth every cent!”


Paddington, NSW

"Our twins slept through the night in no time and SleepBaker gave us the confidence to maintain it on our own. We should have done it earlier!"


Sydney, NSW

"Anna and her team are next-level AMAZING! As a second-time mum, I was nervous with my newborn son. Anna provided overnight support, making the first week easy and pleasant. From the moment I reached out to Sleep Baker, it was a warming experience. Anna instantly made us comfortable, and my 3-year-old son loved her! She's created a wonderful business, positively impacting many families. THANK YOU!”


Bondi, NSW

"Anna is a rare gem and I would recommend her to anyone who needs a sleep expert for babies.”


Sydney, NSW

"Anna is an absolute godsend. After just 1 night of implementing her routine and advice, my baby did a full 12 hour sleep. Everyone is happy!”


Sydney, NSW

"Our 13 month old has always been difficult to put to sleep. Anna has been nothing by sympathetic and attentive. We have seen enormous improvements and even after a couple of weeks had passed, Anna would still reach out to check-in. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!”


Sydney, NSW


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