Travel Nanny Rates (Deposit)

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Traveling with kids doesn't have to be stressful

Do you crave a vacation, but dread a long flight with little ones? Why not hire a nanny? You can count on us for a full nanny service to make your next holiday as stress-free as possible. Everything from keeping the kids entertained on the plane to settling them at bedtime and even providing some much-needed adult alone time. Imagine being able to enjoy a nice dinner with your partner and take your time knowing the kids are being cared for?! This is a game changer. 

What can a nanny help with?

· Navigating the airport and helping with luggage

· Entertainment and care for children in flight and at the airport

· Settling on the plane and helping with meals, feeding, drinks – ALL of the demands.

· Providing care at your destination (anything the caregivers would normally do!) Getting sleep back on track.

· Attending to the children at night while you rest or enjoy a quiet dinner ( for 24 hour care)

· Our Elite Nanny’s look after everyone in the family and their tasks are unlimited. Think washing, cleaning, tidying up…above & beyond!

What do we offer?

All our nannies are highly experienced, police checked, and first aid trained. Many are tertiary qualified in early childhood education and can provide stimulating activities for your children – not just an iPad! Most of our nannies are well travelled/can speak several languages which only enhances your holiday experience. Many have worked for high profile clients, so privacy and discretion are an absolute top priority for us. We only employ the very best nannies to ensure your family is well cared for – regardless of your destination.

See rates below 

 Nanny Rates

 Elite Nanny- 24 hour service

*Childcare provided inflight

$1,400 per day 

Elite Nanny Day –  10 hours per day

*Childcare provided inflight

$1,000 per day

Professional Nanny- 24 hr service 

*Childcare provided inflight

$1,000 per day

Professional Nanny Day- 10 hour day service only 

Childcare provided inflight

 10 hours per day

$700 per day 

 Casual Nannyminimum hours  5 per day 

$50 per hour- very flexible with times.


 ** ** inflight childcare is only available in Business Class seating for any Elite Nanny bookings.

For Elite Nanny bookings requiring international remote travel, there is a one-time fee of $2,000.00. For all other bookings, a one-time fee of $1,000 applies. It is the client's responsibility to provide all flights, meals, accommodations, and travel insurance. 

In order to confirm your booking, a $2,000 (non-refundable) admin fee 
Depending on the time of year and availability, we can create a custom nanny price for you.

For more information- Give us a call or send an e mail