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Don't despair, SleepBaker is here

We have the ingredients for a good night's sleep

Our expertise & wisdom gained across many years of sleep training has helped hundreds of babies sleep through the night & saved a few marriages along the way.

Baby won't sleep?

I need sleep

Our Services

We have a range of options to suit your baby's needs

A unique SleepBaker plan to help your baby sleep through the night

Maternity Help

This is overnight support which allows parents to make sleep a priority. While your baby is getting overnight care and learning age appropriate sleep methods. Establishing a healthy feeding routine can set your baby up for developmental milestones. You can book any day of the week between the hours of 7pm- 7 am.

* Unsettled baby

* Reflux

*Impact upon siblings

*Partner returns to work


* Feeling alone

*Lack of confidence

*Not sure of milestones

These are a few of many challenges that parents face. If you are due to make sleep a habit, we are here.

Sleep Training

If you are struggling with your baby's sleep patterns. This 3 or 5 nights package would benefit you. A custom schedule will be provided to help teach you how to continue the training for better night sleep. This gives you confidence and the skills you need to set your baby up with the best sleep possible to reach milestones. We have various methods that are used to teach your baby to fall asleep on their own & self-soothe.

Have a Toddler that needs guidance from Cot to Toddler bed? Let us help you get on track with the big transition. Bedtime routines that help strengthen your bond with your child, while implementing healthy sleeping habits.


You found out you're having a baby and not sure what to buy?

You're home from the hospital and tired, confused and overwhelmed.

Online or in person. A 3 hour service where we can talk about you and your baby. Sleep schedules, feeding, reflux, day sleeps... any baby related questions or concerns!

Maternity Help & Sleep Training are in high-demand, so please select "Booking & Deposit" to secure your dates & pay the deposit. The remaining amounts will be settled after SleepBaker visits.

About SleepBaker

get me some sleep


"Anna is a consummate professional with a warm & caring disposition that makes you & your baby feel totally at ease. She is exceptional! My husband & I couldn’t recommend her more highly. Our daughter loves her."

Ava - Milsons Point


"Our baby had terrible silent reflux & was waking with pains. I was struggling with no sleep & a toddler to look after!

Anna helped us sort out our babies reflux & get her sleeping 12 hour nights. She is a life saver!"

Sadie - Carlingford


"I struggled & Anna was my saving grace - I've recommended her to everyone I know!

Professional, fantastic with babies & kids, extensive medical knowledge & super nice - worth every cent!"

Helena - Paddington


"Anna was doing night shifts with our twin boys, they were born at 36 weeks, she was great with our newborn babies in all aspects; feeding, settling, & putting to sleep!"

Tala - Surry Hills


I hesitated seeking help, thinking my baby will sleep naturally, but it never came - my only regret is not seeking Anna's help sooner!

She helped our baby with reflux & an ear infection!

Chloe - Wollstonecraft

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