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"All the ingredients for a good nights sleep"

Sleep Baker offers a range of services to support your family.

About SleepBaker


Our Services

Sleep Training

A unique schedule to teach your baby to self-soothe back to sleep.

Don't let the term "sleep training" intimidate you – it's all about promoting healthy sleeping habits.

With tried-and-tested sleep techniques, we create a personalised sleep routine for your baby. Sleep Training equips you with the knowledge and abilities to help your baby achieve optimal sleep, enabling them to self-soothe and fall asleep independently if they wake up at night.

Our Sleep Training service offers a choice between a 3-night or 5-night package, during which our team will stay overnight at your home.

Maternity Help

Overnight support for your family.

Having just welcomed a new baby and in need of extra support? Secure your spot before delivery to ensure assistance upon returning home from the hospital.

Rest and recharge while our team offers overnight care for your baby or toddler. While you rest, our team will employ effective techniques to help your baby settle back to sleep. Maternity Help is accessible every day of the week and can be scheduled as a one-time service or on a regular basis to suit your needs.


Learn new skills and ask an expert your questions.

Wherever you are in your parenting adventure, assistance is within reach! Feel free to talk about any topic you wish, whether it's feeding, sleep routines, or swaddling!

A consultation is a fantastic option for those expecting a baby or adjusting to life post-hospital stay, especially if you're feeling stressed. Consultations can be conducted online, in-person at our NSW sleep centers, or in the comfort of your own home..

Text Support

Receive support durning the day

Get in touch with SleepBaker for assistance whenever you require support. This service is perfect for parents who are facing challenges during the night, traveling, or in a regression!

Travel Nannies

Take the pressure off your next trip by booking a travel nanny.

A travel nanny offers a valuable break from daily parental duties while traveling. Additionally, it allows parents to enjoy quality time together during their vacation!

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What our clients are saying...

Anna and her team are next level AMAZING!
Even as a second time mum I was still nervous and so unsure of what to do with my newborn son. As wonderful as it is to come home from hospital with your baby it can also be daunting. Anna stayed with us and provided overnight maternity support which was an absolute blessing.
From the moment I reached out to Sleep Baker it was such a warming experience. When Anna arrived we felt instantly comfortable (my 3 year old son loved her!!). From her support, the chats, the texts and generally making the first week so easy and pleasant. It was like having your good friend come stay with you.
Anna has created such a wonderful business - making such a positive impact on so many families.

Jennifer- Bondi

What our clients are saying...

"Our baby had terrible silent reflux and was waking with pains. I was struggling with no sleep & a toddler to look after!
Anna helped us sort out our babies reflux and get her sleeping 12 hour nights. She is a life saver!"

Sadie - Carlingford

What our clients are saying...

"I was struggling and SleepBaker was my saving grace!
They are professional, fantastic with babies & kids, have extensive knowledge and are super nice - worth every cent!"

Helena - Paddington

What our clients are saying...

"Our twins slept through the night in no time and SleepBaker gave us the confidence to maintain it on our own. We should have done it earlier!"

Violaine - Sydney

What our clients are saying...

"After consulting with Anna we successfully taught our baby healthy sleep habits and have had a really good sleeper ever since."

Stephanie-Lee - Sydney

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