My name is Anna Baker and I’m here to be your guide and ease you through the days and nights with your baby so you can focus on enjoying every beautiful milestone you’ll get to experience.

Motherhood is a dream come true, but that doesn’t mean it’s all smooth sailing. There’s plenty of hard work and tears along the way.

Let’s be honest, babies can be challenging...

Wanting to expand my knowledge and help as many new parents as I could, I returned to university to study Science as I find the human body fascinating. This, along with having the pleasure of raising two kids of my own, only furthered my desire to help guide and teach as many people as I could. While studying I took a special interest in reflux as it’s a common struggle for babies and one of a parent’s main stress points.

Parenting is hard!

Loving your baby is the easy part but there’s plenty of difficult challenges on the horizon as your bundle of joy grows & that’s where I can help. 

Practical Parenting!

I’m a firm believer of practical parenting & at the heart of that is Sleep. Sleep is of the utmost importance for your baby as well as your own mental health. 

No baby is perfect!

That’s why I want to help guide you with my array of practical parenting tips that will turn tears and sleepless nights into smiles and peaceful dreams. 

Some of the benefits of my work include: 

·        Establishing Day and Night Routines

·        Educating you on methods on helping your baby resettle themselves

·        Devising flexible routines for your baby including feeding times

·        Finding the right amount of sleep for your baby

·        Solving sleep struggling

You should be enjoying this adventure with your new miracle without getting overwhelmed with interruptions. That’s why I’m here to support at any of these stages, from swaddling to dream feeds.

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