Bedtime Settling and Cot Transfer Service



Struggling with bedtime routines and cot transitions? Let SleepBaker's expert consultants guide you through this crucial phase with our premium Bedtime Settling and Cot Transfer service.

Service Description: This package is tailored for parents seeking expert assistance in establishing healthy bedtime habits for their little ones. Ideal for babies and children struggling with self-settling or transitioning from a bassinet to a cot, our service prioritises teaching them to sleep independently.

Our team will arrive thirty minutes before bedtime, providing hands-on support and guidance. We'll work closely with you to ensure a smooth transition, offering practical techniques and strategies to encourage independent sleeping. After our departure, you'll continue implementing the methods we've introduced, ensuring your child remains asleep throughout the night.

Service Highlights:

- Hands-on approach by experienced consultants

- Assistance with transitioning to independent bed sleeping

- Boosting parental confidence in managing bedtime routines

- Three consecutive evenings of consultant visits at 6:15 pm

- Three days of text support to address any concerns or questions

- Availability from 6:15 to 10 pm, with optional additional hours

Don't let bedtime struggles disrupt your family's peace and harmony. Invest in SleepBaker's Bedtime Settling and Cot Transfer service today and enjoy restful nights and rejuvenating mornings for the entire family.