Dream With Baker Sleepwear

Introducing Dream with Baker, the latest innovation from SleepBaker. Founded by our renowned sleep consultant Anna Baker, Dream with Baker offers a curated collection of gender-neutral baby sleepwear designed to revolutionise bedtime.

Our range includes long and short sleeve rompers and a unique sleep swaddle bag with convenient features for hassle-free changes. Designed with practicality and style in mind, our clothing prioritises ease for parents while ensuring maximum comfort for babies.

Dream with Baker caters to the needs of premature and hospitalised babies with sensory-friendly designs featuring innovative openings for cords and tubes. Every garment is crafted with love and expertise, reflecting Anna's dedication to helping babies and parents sleep better.

We understand the challenges of sleep deprivation and aim to make a meaningful difference in easing the struggles of parenthood. Our gender-neutral designs and sustainable organic fabrics ensure both practicality and environmental consciousness.

Explore the Dream with Baker range and experience the ultimate in baby sleepwear innovation. With every stitch, we're committed to providing the rest your little ones deserve.