Anna Baker Shares Sleep Tips on Channel 7

We’re thrilled to announce that Anna Baker, our beloved founder and renowned sleep consultant, made a special appearance on Channel 7’s Morning Show this week! If you missed it, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered with all the highlights and valuable insights Anna shared.


Anna Baker’s Top Tips for Baby Sleep

During her segment, Anna, affectionately known as the "Celebrity Baby Whisperer," delved into her expert advice on ensuring better sleep for babies. Here are the key takeaways:

1. Establish a Consistent Bedtime Routine

    Anna emphasised the importance of consistency. A calming bedtime routine signals to your baby that it’s time to sleep. Activities like a warm bath, gentle rocking, or reading a quiet story can work wonders in creating a soothing transition to sleep.

    2. Create a Safe Sleep Environment

      Safety is paramount when it comes to baby sleep. Anna reminded parents always to place their babies on their backs to sleep, use a firm mattress, and keep the crib free from pillows, blankets, and toys to reduce the risk of SIDS.

      3. Pay Attention to Sleep Cues

      Recognising your baby’s sleep cues can make a significant difference. Signs such as rubbing eyes, yawning, or fussiness indicate that your little one is ready for sleep. Putting your baby to bed when they show these cues can help them fall asleep more easily.

      4. Swaddle or Use a Sleep Sack

      Swaddling or using a sleep sack can provide your baby with comfort and security, promoting better sleep. Anna highlighted the importance of ensuring the swaddle is snug but not too tight, with hips left free to move.

      5. Create a Soothing Sleep Environment

      A calm and quiet sleep environment is essential. Keeping the room dark, using white noise if needed, and maintaining a comfortable temperature can help your baby sleep more soundly.

      The Dream with Baker Sleep Swaddle

      Anna also challenged the hosts to a race to see how quickly they could change a nappy, showcasing the innovative features of the Dream with Baker elasticised back.

      Made from GOTS-certified organic cotton, these swaddle bags are designed with your baby’s comfort and safety in mind. They feature a round neckline with snaps, long sleeves for temperature comfort, fold-back mittens, and an elasticised pouch for easy night changes – perfect for babies in special care (NICU).

      The entire Dream with Baker range is designed to serve as your baby’s pyjamas, making nappy changes quick and easy. During winter, babies will need an additional 2.5 or 3.5 TOG sleeping bag on top.

      We’re incredibly proud of Anna and her continued dedication to helping parents navigate the challenges of baby sleep. 

      About Dream with Baker:

      Dream with Baker was born from a simple idea: to help babies and parents sleep better. Founded by Anna Baker, a renowned sleep consultant and elite baby whisperer, our brand brings years of expertise to create practical and stylish clothing solutions for infants and young children.