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Sleep Training 

If you're struggling with your baby's sleep patterns, Sleep Training is the service for you and your family. Available in a 3 or 5 night package, Sleep Training is a customised schedule that provides various methods to get your baby or toddler to sleep. Sleep Training will give you the confidence and skills to set your baby up for the best sleep possible, teaching them to fall asleep on their own & self-soothe.

Why book Sleep Training?
Struggling to establish a sleep pattern with your baby? Using proven methods, our team guides you and your baby to self settle throughout the night. This allows your baby to get a full nights sleep and a healthy sleep routine. 


Maternity Help

Do you need a good night's sleep? We're here for you. Maternity Help is an overnight service that allows you to recharge your batteries. While you sleep, the SleepBaker team cares for your baby using age appropriate sleep methods to get your little one off to sleep too. This service can be booked in any day of the week between the hours of 7pm - 7am. 
Why book Maternity Help?
Maternity Help is booked for lots of different reasons, such as needing an extra set of hands, feeling unconfident at nighttime, experiencing anxiety when your baby cries out or the most common, just needing a good night's sleep! Our team addresses common sleep issues such as your baby feeling unsettled, not sleeping through the night or reflux.




Consultations provide the opportunity to get answers to the questions that are keeping you up at night! This service is available in the comfort of your own home, online or at one of our NSW medical centres. Our consultants provide practical support (i.e. swaddling your baby, feeding etc) as well as answering any concerns (i.e. sleep safety, sleep regression etc).

Why book a Consultation?
Consultations provide ease of mind. This is the opportunity to get expert advise so you feel confident and in-control. Consultations are especially helpful if you're expecting or want to followup a few weeks after sleep training.


Text Support 

Get support when you need it! Send the SleepBaker team a text anytime and we’ll get back to you as soon as we’re able to durning the day.

Why book Text Support? 
Phone support gives that extra bit of support to those who need it. It's ideal for parents who have just finished a consultation or sleep training. 


Travel Nannies

Take the pressure off your next trip by booking a travel nanny. A travel nanny provides much needed relief from day-to-day parental responsibilities while abroad. It also gives parents quality time together while on holiday!

Why book a Travel Nanny?

Get support at the airport. Enjoy a sleep in on holiday. Spend time with your partner. Need we say more? 


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