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Sleep Training Program - 3 or 5 nights
Sleep Training Program - 3 or 5 nights
Sleep Training Program - 3 or 5 nights

Sleep Training Program - 3 or 5 nights



Are you ready to bid farewell to sleepless nights and embrace a harmonious sleep routine for your baby? Secure your spot today with SleepBaker's Sleep Training Program. 

What You Get:

- Tailored Sleep Training: Our expert team will guide your baby through proven methods of self-settling over either a 3-night or 5-night package, ensuring restful nights for your family.

- Customised Schedule: Receive a personalised sleep schedule tailored to your baby's unique needs, laying the groundwork for healthy sleep patterns.

- Ongoing Support: Gain invaluable insights on maintaining the progress achieved during the program with continuous guidance from our experienced consultants.

Why Choose Sleep Training:

- Proven Results: Join countless families who have successfully transformed their sleep routines using SleepBaker's evidence-based approach.

- Peace of Mind: Rest assured knowing you're investing in a solution crafted with expertise and compassion, tailored specifically to your family's circumstances.

- Long-lasting Benefits: Say goodbye to sleepless nights and welcome rejuvenating sleep for both you and your baby, fostering a happier, healthier family dynamic.

Booking Details:

- This fee secures your spot for either a 3-night package or a 5-night package.

- Our team will contact you to confirm your preferred option and finalise details closer to the training dates.

  • Price:
    • - $300 service fee to secure your spot
    • - Remaining cost of the 3-night package at $3,800 
    • - Remaining cost of the 5-night package at $5,500
    • - Final payments are due on the initial night of the consultant's arrival for sleep training.
  • Late Payment Policy: A late fee of $100 per week will be applied for delayed final payments to ensure timely processing.

Take the first step towards a well-rested family today by securing your place in SleepBaker's transformative sleep training program.